Aaron Schmidt, Enghien les Bains, 2002 Aaron Schmidt, New York, 1998 Aaron Schmidt, Paris, 2002 Aaron Schmidt, Atlanta, 2001 Aaron Schmidt, Atlanta, 2001 Aaron Schmidt, Epinay sur Seine, 2003 Aaron Schmidt, Enghien les Bains, 2002 Aaron Schmidt, Sancerre, 2002

About Aaron Schmidt

Aaron Schmidt is human like none other. He seeks out clean air and blue sky and bright clouds. Aaron Schmidt is keen to experience his life before it is gone.

Short story of my life

Aurélie and Aaron Schmidt, Atlanta, 2001 The day I was born it was probably cold ... Canada being that way. Memories of my childhood are faded but I do recall spending a lot of time exploring and experimenting and not being afraid to indulge my curiosity.

I would climb trees for hours, clinging to the branches as the wind moved me in the clouds. That was my heaven.


In the Fall of 1996 I left Oakville, my parents, my childhood and moved to the city of Guelph to attend university. The influx of information over the next four years brought about a natural change in my mentality. I drifted away from religion and opened my mind to science. I was eager to understand the universe and our place in it, not write it all off as a mystery.


August 1998. Hutch and I backpack through Europe, seeking adventure. In the city of Paris I fall in love with a girl named Aurélie. We pass the days together as one. It would be more than 3 years before we meet again.


After graduating in April 2000, ISS invited me down south to the sunny city of Atlanta, Georgia to develop internal, web-based applications. Moving away from Canada was intimidating but a decision I would not regret. My time in America was an incredible experience, working & playing with a group of young, passionate and creative individuals.


Saying goodbye once again, I left USA in the Spring of 2002, immigrating to the country of France to be with Aurélie. We would be married one year later. I never imagined how hard it would to be to learn another language, to accept a different culture but through Aurélie I have grown to love France and her people.


On May 25, 2005 Aurélie and I will leave Europe and travel far away to the country of New Zealand. I am anxious to leave but I know that the experience will be worth the effort. Life always is.

Never be content to creep when you have the urge to soar.
Helen Keller