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Thoughts and Dreams of Aaron Schmidt

This is the online journal of Aaron Schmidt where he records his thoughts (when they seem relevant) and his dreams (when he can remember them).

17 January 2003 Wedding planners

Salut Mecs !

Ahhh Love, the sweet air of happiness and joy stemming from the roots of the Tree of Life where all those silly snails come to harvest upon what's left of the small woodland creatures, dead now from the toxic fumes of the Chemical Waste Facility that has pumped over 900,000 litres of Hate into our beautiful world.

And what better time to celebrate Love than the crisp, cold month of February, the 22nd perhaps? Well I know it's pretty soon, but I have faith in Aurélie to be able to organize everything in five weeks. She's been dreaming about this since she was seven. But don't think I'm not helping... I designed the website:

There are many people I would have loved to share in my wedding, but alas my ISS savings are not what they use to be and our budget is tight. It will not be a large wedding but Aurélie and I are content with the way things are.

I wish you all the best...

18 November 2002 Jinny's kids!

> aSa ---

When I was young I was born to breed! Pop 'em out like an apple tree. Keep 'em clean for all to see and seal 'em tight against the seems. So you have to ask yourself, do you know what I mean?

And now they're all coming back, pounding on my door like I was the Christmas turkey baking for Tuesday. A clown on display with a firecracker in both cheeks. A bird on parade. Que va!

There's something about silence that makes me sick ... A tiny tingle in my left ear informs me of the next plot against my train. They've tried to take it for years and I blow out the tires and stall the engine. Going NOWHERE! I scream at them.

Do you know what I mean?

> jK ---

I think I do know what you mean - see me and Mr. Clean set to find the golden bean - but something changed - the knowledge gleaned from centuries of earth and steam - was wasted waning waxing weaned on mothers milk and afro sheen.

I spoke about a hidden cache of monkey meat and balderdash - baloney common processed packed the children tie them up in sacks and feed them to the birds and bats and smear them on their faces fat with Christmas morning's pressure cooker aims their site on TJ Hooker looking more like Captain Kirk than LA cops hell bent to work the streets are seething pimps and bitches colored up with lime green stitches pleased to bring the turkey back to back we are all a part of something larger all a part of something.

> aSa ---

I noticed your exhibit has a flaw, a fatal bug strapped to the wall and here you are throwing dirt in my face, like some freaky ass alien from Russian space.

I was thinking, thinking, thinking of this and that and about how we could do this online and keep the chat. A split off freeangle from out of left field, like a tiny baseball woven in steel.

16 September 2002 Dreaming of life

They caught me
Spinning around, tying her down, holding her loud
And I want
just to be lean
A fast, iron machine
With nothing for tires and sticks for steam

You see
it's all coming back to me
The way they prayed for me
A silent stream of energy
Pumping out my ride

My back is sore from corporate whores
Who taste me as I am
But I am not full of wind
Full of hate
Full of sin
But I am not full of them
When I'm working late at night

But I am not full of them
When I'm dreaming of my life.