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Thoughts and Dreams of Aaron Schmidt

This is the online journal of Aaron Schmidt where he records his thoughts (when they seem relevant) and his dreams (when he can remember them).

24 March 2003 CD typo alert

I looked the portly cadet straight in the eyes, wondering if he had been raised in a potty cradle.

"This TLC dope tray is ruined!!" I screamed. He looked confused and a little nervous. I'm going to have to file a CD typo alert and notify Dr. Lace Potty.

"Please don't, sir", he whimpered, "I'll just go and get the old petty car..." He ran off. To convince him otherwise was to pry cold teat. Damn, I thought, where the hell is my pterodactyl??

23 March 2003 Belly burst free

I had a dream last night about some French woman in Japan. She had recently moved there and had been hired by some corporate Japanese company that was trying to teach her proper Japanese respect.

There was a boardroom scene and an elevator scene, etc. Each time she was insolent and had to be taught respect by the corporate, fat bastards.

I was not personally involved in the dream, but my belly was swollen to twice its normal size. Not like a pregnant belly but more like a festering, war-wound belly where the juices could burst free at any moment.

I woke up and thought there was poison in my stomach but soon realized it was all in my head.

See if you can animate a herd (group? troop?) of penguins clapping as the bird loch drowns in the water. The next scene is the bird loch's son planning revenge against the penguins. I'm glad you called it "bird loch" I would hate to type "pterodactyl" every time.

www.birdloch.com would be a cool site name except for the ambiguous spelling with "lock".

31 January 2003 Sexy Sister

Sexy Sister, sexy Sister,
come and play with me
I tied you in the garden
underneath the tree.

I tied you in the river
with all the shiny stones
who spend their lives cold and wet
dying all alone.