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Thoughts and Dreams of Aaron Schmidt

This is the online journal of Aaron Schmidt where he records his thoughts (when they seem relevant) and his dreams (when he can remember them).

30 September 2003 Popper 40

Started an email chess game yesterday with Kravitz, giving him the name of Full Blown Ass and donning myself, Popper 40.

Then today I'm reading this article on the BBC, about how it's time for a regime change in the White House.
"There is a group of - I would call them extremists - who have the following belief: that international relations are relations of power, not of law, that international law will always follow what power has achieved and therefore the United States, being the most powerful nation on earth, should impose its power, impose its will and its interests on the world." - George Soros
Turns out that one of the big influences in the life of billionaire, George Soros, was the work of the philosopher Karl Popper.

... I'm still looking for a way to tie "Full Blown Ass" into all this but I think the conclusion is pretty obvious: one day I'll be a philosopher.

27 September 2003 Wedding dress

Major Breaking News: Aurélie has thrown away the support/frame (?) for the skirt/lower-half (?!) of her wedding dress!

Believe me, this is big.

This thing has spent the past 6 months in our bedroom, surviving repeated attempts by me to move/hide/burn it away.

21 September 2003 TV stand bargain

Aurélie came home late last night with a new television set.

So after three years I now have a TV again. And I quickly realized why I stopped watching it. See Charmed or Dawson's Creek.

But this time around it's not so bad. Since all the shows are in French I'm actually learning something even if the plotline revolves around a young Superman saving a vampire from his abusive step-parents.

So today, after Aurélie left for Rome, I went out to the lake and discovered a huge street market with hundreds of people selling a variety of odds and ends. Mostly useless.

Then I spotted the perfect TV stand/cabinet for our new TV. The gentleman asked for €45 and when I opened my wallet and saw exactly €35 I knew it was going to be a good day.