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Thoughts and Dreams of Aaron Schmidt

This is the online journal of Aaron Schmidt where he records his thoughts (when they seem relevant) and his dreams (when he can remember them).

12 October 2003 Tourist . Traveller

Wrote a new quote the other day:
A tourist leaves home to take a break from the world.
A traveller leaves home to experience the world.

After living near Paris for almost 2 years now, I am still in awe of the beauty and art and life contained within this historical city.

It makes me smile to hear tourists, that have visited Paris for 3 days, go back home and say they've "seen" France. They've barely touched Paris, let alone the country.

My respect goes out to the individuals that are willing to travel (be it 100 km or 1000km), to leave behind what they know for a chance to experience something new.

A warm Happy Birthday to my brother, Andrew, who turns 24 today. May he live through many more winters and summers.

02 October 2003 Siba and Metro Boy

I had a dream a few weeks ago about one of my wife's co-workers, Siba, who loves to read novels and is shy around men. In my dream I was teaching Siba some cool tricks on how to flirt with men and while I hid in the shadows, she would try out some of my suggestions with random guys waiting for the metro. Stuff like asking what time it was or just smiling in a sexy way.

Aurélie tells Siba about my dream.

The next morning, Siba gets on the metro and sees her favourite guy who she's been seeing on the metro for over a year. Without pausing to think, she says "Bonjour!" and smiles at him before sitting down and blushing like crazy.

A week goes by with no sight of Metro Boy and Siba loses hope. She leaves on a two-week vacation for the beautiful islands of Greece.

Then today, she jumps on the metro seconds before the doors close and right in front of her is Metro Boy. He asks her if she's been on vacation because he hasn't see her in a while. And Siba's heart goes up and up and up, like the smile upon her face.

And now, as I write in my journal, Siba and Metro Boy are out in Paris having drinks and laughing and flirting and dreaming about all the little things in life.

Bonne soirée à tous les deux.

30 September 2003 Popper 40

Started an email chess game yesterday with Kravitz, giving him the name of Full Blown Ass and donning myself, Popper 40.

Then today I'm reading this article on the BBC, about how it's time for a regime change in the White House.
"There is a group of - I would call them extremists - who have the following belief: that international relations are relations of power, not of law, that international law will always follow what power has achieved and therefore the United States, being the most powerful nation on earth, should impose its power, impose its will and its interests on the world." - George Soros
Turns out that one of the big influences in the life of billionaire, George Soros, was the work of the philosopher Karl Popper.

... I'm still looking for a way to tie "Full Blown Ass" into all this but I think the conclusion is pretty obvious: one day I'll be a philosopher.