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Thoughts and Dreams of Aaron Schmidt

This is the online journal of Aaron Schmidt where he records his thoughts (when they seem relevant) and his dreams (when he can remember them).

19 October 2003 Sun vs Earth

I have been reading a lot of Carl Sagan recently (even watched the movie Contact tonight) and I started wondering how big the sun is when compared to the earth.

So I checked out the The Nine Planets which contains an excellent source of numerical data for all the planets and the moons in our solar system and voila:

Diameter of the Sun : 1,390,000 km
Diameter of the Earth : 12,756.3 km

Therefore the Sun's diameter is 109 times larger than the Earth's diameter.

But how big is that? Well, if you shrink the Earth down to the size of a golfball (4.27cm diameter) then the Sun is 4.65m in diameter and can be comparable to the diameter of the Big Apple in Meaford, Ontario.

With the Earh the size of a tennis ball (6.35cm diameter) the Sun would be almost 7m in diameter, approxmiately the size of a Wedding-Cake UFO.

13 October 2003 Lost in translation

This site will translate your text 5 times and then spit something out that's more humourous than comprehensible.

Lost in Translation

When something is lost, sometimes something is gained.

12 October 2003 Tourist . Traveller

Wrote a new quote the other day:
A tourist leaves home to take a break from the world.
A traveller leaves home to experience the world.

After living near Paris for almost 2 years now, I am still in awe of the beauty and art and life contained within this historical city.

It makes me smile to hear tourists, that have visited Paris for 3 days, go back home and say they've "seen" France. They've barely touched Paris, let alone the country.

My respect goes out to the individuals that are willing to travel (be it 100 km or 1000km), to leave behind what they know for a chance to experience something new.

A warm Happy Birthday to my brother, Andrew, who turns 24 today. May he live through many more winters and summers.