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Thoughts and Dreams of Aaron Schmidt

This is the online journal of Aaron Schmidt where he records his thoughts (when they seem relevant) and his dreams (when he can remember them).

09 November 2003 Hier le Soleil

Hier le Soleil

Je suis un cosmonaute
Ecoute ma chanson sur
le ciel et les nuages

Aujourd'hui la lune est une belle rouge
et cherche pour elle dans la neige

Veux tu donne ta fantôme à moi
quand j'ai trop des secrets?


Yesterday the Sun

I am an astronaut
Listen to my song on
the sky and the clouds

Today the moon is a beautiful red
and look for her in the snow

Do you want to give your ghost to me
when I have too many secrets?

06 November 2003 The lost boat

4 times, 2 times, 1 times 3
I've got cancer and I'm off the team.

They're coming with knives, sharp knives to find me
And I lost all my sense when I fell from the tree.

So tell me, Stéphane, what is 1 times 3
1 times 3
1 times 3
When all the world is spinning in dreams?

When all the world is losing its green
And the sky is boiling with buckets of steam
And the dead are dying without a scream
And all the world is wasting, losing its green...

27 October 2003 North Pole Girl

Dream by Jason Kravitz

I am in some kind of school for the gifted like in the X-Men or it is somewhere where I work. My boss or the Xavier type character is on the phone with someone. He is talking about one of the employees or students who "left again" and this time because she wanted to supposedly. This disturbed me for some reason and I thought to investigate.

Me and a small team (maybe three people) traveled to where she was supposed to be living. We took some kind of teleportation transportation so we essentially showed up at the town. It was in the north pole. It looked like a very clean small town. The sidewalks were immaculate and there were bronze (turned greenish) statues all around. I was taken in by the serenity of the place.

Someone said something about how "Like the Indians and Chinese these people who live in this area are very quiet people" and I thought about how the only sounds I could really hear were the soft swishes of our moccasins on the cement as we approached the house.

Some men answered the door. On person in our group said something like "These are the men that took her". They were darker skinned like Thai or maybe even Innuat. It was kind of like a classic TV or comic book gang. These were the henchmen of some greater boss. We walked around to the back. They did not try to fight us or turn us away as if we had been expected.

We went in a back basement door and our girl was lying in a bed. She seemed sick as if she was ill or possibly imprisoned by some strange spell. She was a young girl between five and fifteen I would assume but much more intelligent and powerful then most people let alone most people her age. She had blond curly hair which flowed out around the bed. We all took turns talking to her. She was happy to see us but too weak to say much. I said something to her and then went back to a chair and started to cry. We were under the impression that she was imbibed with a powerful spirit to keep her from using her powers in full force or escaping. This was the spirit of a giant evil looking snowman and although I could not physically see the spirit on her body I could sense it's great presence.

Some of the henchman and the gang leader came downstairs. We all braced for a fight but they acted polite and brought extra chairs as there were not enough for all of us to sit. Then we were told she needed to sleep soon and were asked to leave her till tomorrow.

We obliged and retreated to discuss our course of action. Some of our group wanted to take on the snow man spirit directly but my idea was we must cut off the head of the leader to break the spell. I was seething with hatred and wanted to attack him immediately but refrained until a proper plan could be formulated.

We came back the next day and there was a stranger in her room. She was giving a psychic reading for this person. We realized that they were training her to be some kind of super psychic and using her power for their own gain. This sickened me more.

Then we were in a large parking lot walking to my car. I don't know if we were at a mall or where but the ground was a complete sheet of ice and I enjoyed sliding around to find my car. I was sliding great distances and spinning around like a figure skater. The people I was with (Leslie included now) were also showing off and we were all trying to top each other in style. I forgot where I parked so I skated around the whole big lot till I spotted my silver Audi. We got in the car and right before we were about to pull out, the little girl, all bundled up was came to the driver side window. I was surprised to see her out. I knew her captors would not be pleased. She said she wanted to go with us and had to use great energy to escape out without being seen. There was another woman with her who supposedly helped her escape. I told them how we need to kill the leader and we need the girl back there so they are not suspicious and so she can give us psychic and physical surveillance. We convinced her to go back then I woke up...

Dream by Jason Kravitz