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Thoughts and Dreams of Aaron Schmidt

This is the online journal of Aaron Schmidt where he records his thoughts (when they seem relevant) and his dreams (when he can remember them).

17 January 2004 Théâtre au Paris

Nous sommes allé hier soir au théâtre pour regarder le pièce qui s'appel La Compagne.

C'etait pas mal. Moi, je n'ai pas tout comprix mais c'etait interresant comme même.

Aurélie et Janet m'ai dit que ce n'etait pas un très bon pièce ... mais c'est bien si je regarde le mauvais theatre quand mon français n'est pas très bien. Héhéh.

01 January 2004 Bonne Année!

Wow, what a night!

We passed the evening on a péniche, a long, flat barge filled with food and drinks and people and music. The boat, along with us, cruised slowly along la Seine, passing Notre Dame, le Louvre, et beaucoup des beaux musées. We stopped at le Tour Eiffel at midnight to countdown the New Year.

I've done the Paris boat tour before, but this time, filled with alcohol and music and caught up in the beauty of the event, the experience was overwhelming and something I will not soon forget.

Speaking of alcohol, I am a little ragged this morning *ahem* afternoon and could use a big cup of tea to clear my head.

Happy New Year to all.

29 December 2003 Fear Factory

I am thankful that I no longer live in the fear factory that is the United States of America.
The future cannot be controlled through aggression,
and the past cannot be forgotten through ignorance.

Don't get me wrong ... the people I worked with in Atlanta were all excellent people but I got the impression that the general populace lived in a certain state of fear. This sensation was given to me by the American media who would go to any lengths to portray an environment of fear and anxiety.