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Thoughts and Dreams of Aaron Schmidt

This is the online journal of Aaron Schmidt where he records his thoughts (when they seem relevant) and his dreams (when he can remember them).

29 January 2004 French TV

I just finished watching the 4th (or 5th?) episode of Le Bachelor. (Yah it's cheezy but I got hooked one night with Aurélie and now I can't stop !!)

What amazes me to no end is the amount of commercials for television programming in France. The show started at 8:55 and ended at 10:20, almost one hour and a half and in that time there was only 1 commercial for a grand total of 5 minutes.

1 commercial !!

How do they make money? Seriously...

18 January 2004 Top Left Pixel

Kravitz introduced me to this site:

Top Left Pixel

Sam Javanrouh from Toronto places a new photo every day on his online journal. The photos are very impressive and it's worth some time to take a look through.

17 January 2004 Théâtre au Paris

Nous sommes allé hier soir au théâtre pour regarder le pièce qui s'appel La Compagne.

C'etait pas mal. Moi, je n'ai pas tout comprix mais c'etait interresant comme même.

Aurélie et Janet m'ai dit que ce n'etait pas un très bon pièce ... mais c'est bien si je regarde le mauvais theatre quand mon français n'est pas très bien. Héhéh.