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Thoughts and Dreams of Aaron Schmidt

This is the online journal of Aaron Schmidt where he records his thoughts (when they seem relevant) and his dreams (when he can remember them).

03 July 2004 Never go back

You can never go back

It's like I'm frozen solid,
just trying to unfreeze.
The waves are crashing in again
and I am on my knees.

I always try to dream at night,
turn the world into space.
Free and cold, I drift alone
and leave the human race.

23 June 2004 Bird Fathom Friends

My uncle had a wide selection of bird fathom friends that change hands to bend ends.

Lost in the steam moths and over past the bicycle paths, I was riding, riding my bicycle without pause. Like a broken flank of shark jaws, my bicycle tire popped clean off and left me lying, lying in the muddy sauce.

She comes to me in morning, in warning of dreams ending and light bending through the open window clean.

With a jet of steam I arise to wash my eyes clear and clean from a nighttime filled with raging dreams and endless screams of those upon whom I have cut small seams ... small, tiny pieces of me.

09 June 2004 Schmidt Cup

Lord Stanley of Preston purchased a silver cup back in 1892 as a trophy for the wining team in a new yearly hockey competition.

This hockey trophy became commonly known as the Stanley Cup and is the reason that cities in North America wage war every year. But what if someone else had purchased this little piece of history. Like Mr. Bangerelo or Mr. Fah or what if it had been an ancestor of mine. The Cup of Schmidt may not have been sought after quite so strongly.

A warm congratulations to the team of Calgary, who did not win this year but gave it everything a good, Canadian team will give.