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Thoughts and Dreams of Aaron Schmidt

This is the online journal of Aaron Schmidt where he records his thoughts (when they seem relevant) and his dreams (when he can remember them).

15 July 2004 Centuries of crops

Wright thanks for his song. He would try sleeping close enough to a beautiful, wonderful girl. Why do his kids run freely in Afganhistan? Better open the shutters, the storm will destroy outside completely.

Under the bridge, the Cows hide their crops showing only the brown tips freed from the Earth. Golden coloured rays of sun waving the leaves in the wind. Different times I go down under the bridge but I have fallen to find many centuries of ancient crops. The stash is potent and one touch from their green leaves and I am gone. Floating down river on a boat made of wood I moved in the middle of the crop's potency.

The Croppies, arch-enemies of the Cows, brought forth a sacrifice on the hills of Mount Figi. They ate sushi on the clear, white beach. They should see what needs to be done with the giant Mammut, found just three days ago, washed up on the shore.

Tiderman opened his book to the chapter discussing surgical knives and began reading. He was young but outgoing and knew that one wrong move meant the great beast would die.

Several years after, rumors would appear about how Wright had stolen his children and fed them to the Mammut.


05 July 2004 Red Mars

It will become interesting when humans colonize another planet. It'll happen and probably pretty soon, within this century anyways. I would love to be around to see the beginning.

Kim Stanley Robinson has written an excellent series titled Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars and I highly recommend these books if you are interested in science fiction or even human evolution in general.

Also, an Interview with Kim where he discusses his thoughts on the findings of water on Mars.

SC: To put it a different way, what can we get up there that we can't get down here?

KSR: Look at the question: what can we GET? This is the capitalist version of the question. How about: What can we LEARN? what can we ACHIEVE? what can we DO?

03 July 2004 Never go back

You can never go back

It's like I'm frozen solid,
just trying to unfreeze.
The waves are crashing in again
and I am on my knees.

I always try to dream at night,
turn the world into space.
Free and cold, I drift alone
and leave the human race.