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Thoughts and Dreams of Aaron Schmidt

This is the online journal of Aaron Schmidt where he records his thoughts (when they seem relevant) and his dreams (when he can remember them).

04 October 2004 Tiger maul Roy

Ahhh justice ... it can be so sweet sometimes.

I just found out on the BBC that Roy (from Siegfried & Roy) was attacked last night by one of his precious, white tigers.

Apparently he's in critical condition and I am hoping that he dies.

This man has spent his life preforming shows with these rare tigers and while this is cute and funny and entertaining for an audience of humans, this is not the proper life for a tiger, nor any animal. Given the choice, I'm sure each and every one of those tigers would choose the wild over their cage.

But they are not given a choice.

If you take away freedom, you take away the soul.

I was harsh in saying that Roy should die. No one deserves death and I am sorry for wishing this upon him. He deserves to be caged and put on display but not to die.

12 September 2004 Forgotten Kingdom

Crazy dream this morning.

I'm still working on the story but here's the basic outline:
- small group of people (< 10) banished from the kingdom
- language barrier was frustrating
- before being banished we played in competitions with live weapons and some of the competitions had been held outside the kingdom ... perhaps we could find some of the discarded weapons?
- had detailed map of surrounding area
- decided as a group to go off-map exploring to search for red meat (brain power) and weapons
- discovered old human habitation with the appearance of a 17th century American colonial settlement
- all people are dead but walking around in a zombified state through the abandoned houses (zombies were not dangerous ... more like ghosts)
- in one of the houses, we discovered a "guide" who took us on a tour of the basement, explaining that items from the ghost world can be brought across into the real world by will power ... as a demonstration he picked up a small banana and started to eat it without a problem
- one of the strong, silent men in our group picked up another banana and was immediately transformed into zombie
- started running, trying to escape the basement but couldn't find exit or stairs
- wailing siren beings to sound (which actually turned out to be my alarm clock)

Even though it got cut off, I'm still pretty happy with the dream. Should make a good story.

09 September 2004 New Zealand

Pretty cool dream last night.

Aurélie and were bouncing along the New Zealand countryside. "Bouncing" is the right were to use as the gravity seemed to be signifcantly lower than normal, perhaps 1/10 g. We jumped over trees, passing barns and fields of cows and I starting thinking "there's not much here". Sure, New Zealand is beautiful but is this really a good place to setup base and try to change the world?

It may be difficult.

We came upon an old abandoned military base, complete with a WWII submarine. This area was under the control of my two cousins, Paula and Melanie, and I quickly realized that we were being seen as invaders into their territory.

Aurélie was captured and placed into the "jail". I managed to escape and began my descent into the depths of the military installation. There was a lot of metal ladders and grills and metal boxes and typical military stuff.

So I'm hanging off one of the ladders when I hear the cousins approaching. They come past me and sit down on a couch and start watching TV. I think it was the Simpsons and I was sorely tempted to creep out and take a peak to determine which episode was on. Even with their relaxed attitude, I never forgot the danger I was in so I remainded in the shadows and slowly crept down the ladder until I touched the ground.

I was surprised to be on the ground after climbing down since I had imagined that I had been underground. There was grass and fields of flowers and bright shining sun and then I realized that the entire military complex was built above the earth and extended miles into the sky. Which I guess, if you think about it, would have been a very feasible solution in a lower gravity environment.

The architecture was very impressive and pretty cool. Near one of the main support pillars was the jailbreak switch allowing me to free Aurélie and all the other captives that my cousins had held hostage in low-gravity New Zealand. Personally, I think it was pretty stupid to put the jailbreak switch in such an open and unsecure location but it worked out for us.

Reunited, Aurélie and I launched ourselves into the air and continued on our way. There was a whole other part in the dream with some agressive farmer but it's not clear anymore so I'll say this is the end.